Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 2 with Jen Turano

Welcome back for our second day with spotlight author, Jen Turano. Jen’s debut historical romance, A Change of Fortune, released on November 1 from Bethany House.

I love the cover for A Change of Fortune. What would you say Eliza is thinking at that moment, or what would she be about to say if you were in the middle of a conversation with her?
“I should have stayed in England.”

Very funny! The idea of writing historical fiction terrifies some people because of the research involved, but is the biggest drawing card for others. What’s the most interesting (or unusual, or funny) thing you’ve done in the name of research for a book?
I like to look at old pictures of ladies to get ideas for my characters.  I go to antique stores and spend hours digging through those musty bins that hold old pictures, and I’m thrilled if I find old postcards with a few lines scribbled on the back because those give me a sense of time.  Strangely enough though, I only like looking at the pictures of the ladies, not the gentlemen.  For some reason, the gentlemen always seem to look really grumpy and a touch menacing, so I’ve never based a hero on any picture from the past.

Seeing your debut novel published has to be exciting in itself, but you have three more titles in the series to be released later. Congratulations! Can you tell us a bit about any of those stories?
Book twoA Most Peculiar Circumstance – this is Miss Arabella Beckett and Mr. Theodore Wilder’s story.  Arabella is a staunch supporter of the suffrage movement, and Theodore, as readers will learn in A Change of Fortune, is old-fashioned to the extreme and loathes anything to do with the suffrage movement.  Their relationship is riddled with problems right from the very beginning.

Book three – Currently untitled – this is Miss Felicia Murdock and Mr. Grayson Sumner’s story.  It’s probably the most quirky story I’ve ever written.

Book four – Currently untitled – is Miss Agatha Watson and Mr. Zayne Beckett’s story.  This story has a delightful pig named Matilda I just couldn’t resist adding into the plot.  Matilda is almost as much trouble as Agatha is, and poor Zayne has his hands full throughout the story.

If you could be any character from another historical novel, who would it be and why?
Miss Daphne Bridgerton from The Duke and I – Julia Quinn – I always adored Daphne in this delightful story – she was not the great beauty of the time, yet she was well-liked, and unfortunately, had the little problem of all the gentlemen wanting to be strictly friends with her.  Because she was a determined young lady, she concocted a scheme to change that pesky problem, which resulted in her forming an alliance with The Duke.  I’m always been drawn to strong, slightly sassy, characters, and for me, Daphne is one of my favorites, and one I certainly wouldn’t mind being-although, I’m not positive I would actually enjoy living in England in 1813.  There were all those nasty diseases and lack of hygiene during those times.

Sounds like a great choice for a person, but it does make you wonder about the time frame ... :-) What would you like readers to gain from reading your books?
My deepest wish is that readers will get a few hours of simple enjoyment out of my stories.  Life can be stressful, and my objective is to allow readers a brief escape from that stress.

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