Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Say 'Hello' to Author Jen Turano

This week we welcome Jen Turano to Pastimes, just in time to celebrate the release of her debut historical romance, A Change of Fortune (which just released to market November 1, 2012). Jen writes amusing historical romances for Bethany House. She lives in a suburb of Denver, Colorado with her husband, Al, and teenage son, Dominic. 

Hi, Jen, and thanks for joining us at Novel PASTimes! We’re glad to have this chance to get to know you better and learn about your work.

I love the description of A Change of Fortune from your website – it sounds like something I would really enjoy. Can you tell our visitors the basic storyline?
Lady Eliza Sumner has lost everything- her father, her fiancĂ©, her faith, and now her fortune.  Masquerading as Miss Eliza Sumner, governess-at-large, she’s on a mission to find the man who ran off with her inheritance and reclaim what’s rightfully hers.

When Eliza’s hapless attempts at her fortune’s recovery unexpectedly put her right in the path of New York society’s most eligible bachelor, Mr. Hamilton Beckett, sparks instantly begin to fly.  Discovering a common nemesis, the two join forces out of mutual need.

When their best-laid plans fall by the wayside, it takes a riot of complications for Eliza and Hamilton to realize that God may have had a better plan in mind for them all along.

Where did you get the idea for A Change of Fortune?
The character of Eliza flashed to mind while I was cleaning the shower.  I’ve always enjoyed historical romances based in England, so I knew Eliza was an aristocrat, but for some odd reason, she was living in New York.  Different situations began to swirl around, and by the time I finished cleaning the rest of the house, the bones of the story were in place.  I sat down the next morning and wrote out an outline, and then took off for the library to research New York, 1880.

You say that you enjoy writing “humorous stories with quirky characters and a dash of intrigue.” How do you fit all those pieces together, especially when they’re part of a historical romance?

I take a bit of dramatic license with my stories, although, many of my heroines are based on my grandmother.  She was a woman who was definitely ahead of her time.  She was opinionated, beautiful, lived a society life, and I’ve always felt that if my grandmother broke the rules of deportment, there had to have been other ladies doing the exact same thing.  Mischievous ladies are incredibly compelling to write, and they offer me an opportunity to interject humor throughout my stories.  I also enjoy adding that touch of intrigue, which I believe adds a little spice to any story. 

What drew you toward writing inspirational historical romance? What do you like most about it?
I’ve read historical romances since I was a teenager, so it was an easy choice to begin writing that genre.  I love imagining what life would have been like in the past, and I enjoy the research I have to do before each book.

I love the cover for A Change of Fortune. What would you say Eliza is thinking at that moment, or what would she be about to say if you were in the middle of a conversation with her?
Visitors, come back tomorrow to find out what words might be about to pop out of Eliza’s mouth. :-)

Also, be sure to answer Jen’s question for a chance to win your own copy of A Change of Fortune (drawing will be held Friday at 8 a.m. EST; be sure to include your email address in your answer/comment). Here’s the question:

What color is Eliza’s hair?

See you tomorrow!


Sarah said...

The color of her hair is red.
Thanks for the giveaway and God Bless!!
Enter me!!
Sarah Richmond

Angela Holland said...

My guess is going to be red. Thank you for the giveaway

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Margie said...

My guess would be red too, based on the cover of the book! Thanks for the giveaway.
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Sylvia said...

Eliza's hair is red leaning toward strawberry-blonde. This book sounds interesting! I like reading about the English people.


Anonymous said...

Is this one of those questions where some people see the color differently?

She looks like a redhead to me with red orange hair. :)

Thanks for entering me in the giveaway!!!

<3 Dee

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