Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Meet Pam Hillman

Pam Hillman's latest western novel, Claiming Mariah, just released on January 1, 2013. We are thrilled to have her as our guest on Novel PASTimes!

Pam Hillman was born and raised on a dairy farm in Mississippi and spent her teenage years perched on the seat of a tractor raking hay. In those days, her daddy couldn’t afford two cab tractors with air conditioning and a radio, so Pam drove the Allis Chalmers 110. Even when her daddy asked her if she wanted to bale hay, she told him she didn’t mind raking. Raking hay doesn’t take much thought so Pam spent her time working on her tan and making up stories in her head. Now, that’s the kind of life every girl should dream of! Claiming Mariah is her second novel. www.pamhillman.com

Hello, Pam, and thanks for joining us at Novel PASTimes! We’re glad to have this chance to learn more about you and your books. Tell us a little bit about the storyline for your latest novel, Claiming Mariah

Love turns a quest for revenge into redemption.

When Mariah Malone’s dying father confesses that he cheated his partner out of the gold used to buy the family ranch, she writes a letter, offering restitution. But when the son of her father’s victim demands the entire ranch, she stands to lose everything. As these two let go of the bitterness of the past, Slade Donovan has to learn to forgive Mariah, her father, and God, while Mariah must learn to overcome her pride.

Pam, I have seen you quoted that you were “born a hundred years too late.” If you could have chosen a time period and place to come into this world, when and where would it have been?

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction because I really, really like air conditioning in the summer, electric heat in the winter, cell phones, the internet, fast food. Uh, you get the idea. Just clearing that up from the get-go, ‘kay? But I love the old west. I would have probably been a Civil War baby, so that would have put me coming of age in the early 1880s. Goodness, that’s the exact same time that Mariah finds her true love. Did I plan that in my subconscious? Wow, I’m a better plotter than I thought I was! (You are a GREAT plotter and I LOVE air conditioning in the summer as well!)

Introduce us briefly to the main characters in your most recent book.

Mariah Malone is fighting tooth and nail to keep her family ranch, provide for her grandmother, and keep her sister in school. And she struggles just a bit with pride. She thinks she’s got a handle on things until Slade Donovan comes along and attempts to wrestle everything away from her, including her pride. Ah, but Slade’s not quite the unfeeling interloper that he seems. Underneath his gruff exterior beats a tender heart…just waiting for the right woman to set him free.

What interested you in writing about the Old West?

I was born and raised on a farm, and from an early age I loved horses and all things western. I was a bit of a tomboy and cut my teeth on Louis L’Amour westerns. Our neighbor’s husband worked in the oil fields of Alaska and was gone months at a time. She’d invite my brother and me over to watch John Wayne movies on Friday nights. We’d have popcorn and soda, or she’d bake a butter cake (the smell of hot butter cake fresh from the oven still makes my mouth water!).

What sparked the idea for Claiming Mariah?

To read the answer to this question, come back and visit us tomorrow to learn more about author Pam Hillman!

Pam is offering a free digital copy of Claiming Mariah to one lucky winner. To be eligible to win, you must leave a comment and answer the following questions from Pam:

What intrigues you the most about historicals? The geographical location? The time period? The history? The characters? The plot? The cover? Give examples of books you still remember years and years later.

Intriguing questions, Pam! 

Readers, be sure to leave a comment and return tomorrow for the rest of the interview! 

In celebration of her release of Claiming Mariah, Pam Hillman is on a Blog Tour offering more free gifts! You can visit her Facebook page for more details. Click here.


Pam Hillman said...

To the NovelPASTimes gang.... I'm so glad to be here today and tomorrow. Can't wait to get this party started.

Where's the coffee????

Elaine Marie Cooper said...

It's brewing as we speak! Would you like it black or doctored up? ;-)

Pam Hillman said...

You know, I used to drink a little coffee with my cream and sugar, but a couple of years ago, I re-trained myself.

Now I have a cup of black coffee and sweeten it with English Toffee liquid stevia. Calorie-free coffee in the mornings...

But since your coffee is calorie free, let's go with a Starbucks White Chocolate mocha with whip, stirred venti! Yum! One more reason to be alive in 2013!

I wonder what a crusty ol' cowboy in the 1880's would have thought about such a concoction? lol

Elaine Marie Cooper said...

Yes, all the coffee served at Novel PASTimes is calorie-free! :)

I'm quite certain that a crusty ol' cowboy in the 1800's would take one sniff of our White Chocolate mocha, spit out a wad of tobacco juice into the fire, and guzzle down his tin cup full of bitter brew, grounds and all!

Leigh said...

Thanks for joining us today, Pam! I've 'met' you through another blog with lots of coffee and scrumptious food, so I know you're used to such. :-)

Anonymous said...

Pam, can't wait to read your newest!
I love historicals...mostly due to the time period. I especially enjoyed Tamera Alexander's writings.
Jackie Smith

Pam Hillman said...

Good morning Leigh! Virtual food is really quite good for you, isn't it?

Elaine, I'm thinking your right, but he might come around to our way of thinking with a pretty little filly around to make good coffee for him.

Dh doesn't like coffee, but I've discovered it's not the coffee he doesn't like, it's the hot part. But he likes the cold coffees...what are they called?

Sorry, I don't like the cold ones and can't think of their names. Not lattes....

McDonald's serves them. Oh, drat it!!!

Pam Hillman said...

Jackie, same here!

Last night I started Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Donley, another Tyndale Digital First author.

Where Treasure Hides is her debut novel, and it's so good.

Diana Flowers said...

Thank you for the interesting interview and loved learning more about you! My uncle had a dairy farm when I was just a wee thing and I have a pic of me sitting on his tractor and fond memories of swinging from a tire he had roped to a tree. I have your first book on my Kindle and have heard great things about it! Hoping to read it soon and this one as well!

Can I answer all of the above? The setting, history, cover, all of it intrigues me...but the cover attracts me first and then the blurb. There is one particular book that has stayed with me and that is The Frontiersman's Daughter by Laura Frantz! I loved that particular era and setting and the storyline was out of this world!


Pam Hillman said...

First of all, inquiring minds go on research trips. The iced coffees are Frapuccinos or Frappes. That is a really odd word.

Anyhoo, dh likes iced coffees, but not HOT coffee.

Diana! So glad to see you. Mama and I were trying to find some pictures of us "working the farm" when I was a kid and a teen, but we just didn't take many pictures while working. Iphones have made documenting daily life so much easier. All those iphone pics might seem like throwaways, but someday, we'll be glad we have them!

I agree, the book cover is the first thing that grabs us. And the cover of Claiming Mariah screams "read me!!!" lol

Elaine Marie Cooper said...

Hi Diana! Pam's "Stealing Jake" is wonderful too, and I LOVE Laura's book "The Frontiersman's Daughter!"

Jackie, I'm ashamed to say I have YET to read one of Tamara's books but I MUST rectify that situation this year. :)

Pam, I'm certain that crusty old cowboy would try ANYTHING presented to him by a lovely filly. I can easily picture your character Mariah doing that successfully. ;-)

Well ladies, I'm going to make myself some hot tea with honey and lemon. I haven't had the flu in years but it hit me last night (even after getting the shot...) I'll stop by again after another nap!

Diana Flowers said...

Pam, I quite agree with you about the cover of Claiming Mariah! When I first saw it on my FB newsfeed it was indeed screaming, "Read me, Diana!" Really an eye catching beauty of a cover!

Elaine, praying you feel better soon. I never get the flu either, but I got something that lasted over two weeks...still not feeling up to snuff as I'm sitting here typing! :(


Pam Hillman said...

Oh, no, Elaine! So sorry you've got the flu!

And here we are keeping you up by visiting. Here, take this warm blanket and go cuddle up for a long nap! The flu is running rampant here. Take care of yourself and the rest of us will host the blog for you for a while. :)

Amy Campbell said...

I just love anything history.
Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Pam Hillman said...

Me too, Amy.

My favorite is the late 1800s, though. Somehow I read cowboy-drawl jus' naturally.

Melissa Jagears said...

Historicals just intrigue me because things could happen that couldn't happen now. And I live in the contemporary world, that's no fun to escape to!

Books I still remember? That'd be a long list! Even the ones I reread. But let me just think of one that I remember just because of historical stuff....Probably a Voice in the Wind. There's a lot of rich history there and it doesn't hurt that it has one of the best heroines I've ever read.

Pam Hillman said...

Oh, Melissa, A Voice in the Wind was awesome. Francine Rivers is an amazing storyteller.

Friends, I have to be out for awhile, visiting a friend in the nursing home. It's our girl-time together every Tuesday night.

Keep the comments coming, and I'll check back in with y'all later tonight and tomorrow.

God bless!

karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this novel...i enjoy reading historical fiction...this time period fascinates me.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Pam Hillman said...

Karen, I agree. I love anything in the 1870-1890 range, especially if there's a cowboy with a Southern or Western drawl.... lol

So glad you stopped by!

Pam Hillman said...

What a fun day! So glad you stopped by.

And there's more. Hop over HERE!!! for my second day of blogging with NovelPASTtimes and to keep up with the current discussion.

Anonymous said...

I love the time periods, locations,and the plot. I have always loved westerns. Especially Louis L'Amour. He couldn't be beat. I watched all of the westerns on TV in the 60's and now have a channel, INSP, and am watching them again. I loved Gone With The Wind and also North and South. Loved to read the library books as a youngster. I think this book will be really good, but do not own an ereader! Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

Pam Hillman said...

Maxie, so glad you stopped by. I agree. L'Amour is top-notch!

Remember, even if you don't own an ereader, you can download the Kindle App for your phone or computer fro Amazon. It's fairly easy.

God bless, and read L'Amour western today! :)