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Interview with Author Debra Clopton - Day 1

Award winning author Debra Clopton's spunky, heartfelt romances help you face life with a smile. With over 2 million books sold, Debra's Operation Married by Christmas is in development for an ABC Family movie starring LeAnn Rimes.

Welcome, Debra Clopton, and thanks for joining us at Novel PASTimes! We’re glad to have this chance to learn more about you and your books.

Tell us a little bit about the storyline for your latest novel, Her Unforgettable Cowboy.
 Hi, I am so glad to be here on Novel PASTimes! It was a real blast to write Her Unforgettable Cowboy and even more to research, jumping into the world of competitive kayaking and also the wonderful world of a boys ranch! I’m always in the world of cowboys and love it but these two elements added a new twist to the story.

Here is the blurb of the book:
Everyone in Dew Drop, Texas, is thrilled that Jolie Sheridan has returned to Sunrise Ranch. Everyone except Morgan McDermott. Eight years ago, Jolie left the ranch—and Morgan—for a career as a competitive kayaker. Now, after an accident has sidelined her, she’s back to teach for the ranch’s foster boys. Morgan knows he can’t risk getting his heart broken again. But watching Jolie’s gentle ways with the boys opens his eyes to the truth: he’s never stopped loving her. Can a “family” of foster kids help give this couple a second chance at love?

Introduce us briefly to the main characters.
Morgan McDermott is the middle brother of the McDermott Brothers. Along with their dad and grandmother he runs the working cattle ranch that is also a foster home to 16 boys at a time (many boys have come to call Sunrise Ranch home through the last 17 years). It was his mother’s dream and her legacy after her death when Morgan was an adolescent. Morgan was hurt deeply when Jolie gave him back his ring. He has thrown himself into the ranch. Tall, black headed with piercing navy eyes like his dad, Morgan is a serious cowboy determined to be a great role model for the boys around him. That may be hard to do when he learns his dad has hired Jolie behind his back to be the new teacher.

Jolie Sheridan loved Morgan but she also loved competitive kayaking and was torn between the two loves. After choosing kayaking she’s made her dreams come true, going on to be a world champion—but she has never been able to forget Her Unforgettable Cowboy, Morgan.  

What interested you in writing about Jolie, a competitive kayaker? 
We went on a family ski trip and stayed at this fantastic cabin on the top of a mountain. There was a kayak in the basement and we learned later that the owner of the home had been a kayaker and had drowned in the beautiful valley below us. This haunted me and I was so sad thinking about him. It jolted my memory and I remember a few years earlier when we’d gone on a rafting trip and our guide, a female had told me that she used to be a kayaker. She’d confided that after getting tangled up and nearly drowning she hadn’t been able to kayak again. I knew because of the emotions I was feeling, that I had to write a kayaker and it had to be a female. Jolie Sheridan was born in my mind.

What sparked the idea for Her Unforgettable Cowboy? 
Several things sparked my interest in this story and series. For the series it was an article I read about a boys ranch reunion where many of the young men talked about what a blessing and difference living on the boys ranch made in their lives after having been abandoned by their parents. I knew I had to create this series when I read that. You can find out more on a blog here http://debraclopton.com/category/personal/ and also sign up for my newsletter Amazon Gift Card Giveaway also.  Once Morgan McDermott and his brothers popped into my head they refused to go away until I wrote their stories. And I was glad to do it!

You have written two dozen novels! How do you balance the publicity and marketing for one book while going through writing and editing for another project? 
It’s hard! I have do it in moments of time. I wake up and am writing by about 6:30. I get my writing count done while my mind is freshest and then work on publicity afterwards (or when I’m not able to dive into my work as deeply, then I use that time for publicity. For instance I’m working on this as we are traveling). But also, I have a calendar that I write everything on and I have all of my deadlines written down for a visual right in front of me.

If you could be any character from another novel, who would it be and why?  
Hmmm, this is a hard question and after much thought I can say, I have no idea (chuckling here because I really don’t have a clue). I will cheat and change to a movie character! In the movie You’ve Got Mail I liked the role of Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan) because one of my favorite quotes came from that movie and she lived it. Kathleen was facing a life changing moment, the closing of the bookstore that had been her life and that of her mothers. Her longtime friend, Birdie, played by the fantastic Jean Stapleton, told her not to be afraid. “You are daring to imagine that you can have a different life…you are stepping out into the unknown.” (I’m not certain if that’s completely quoted correctly but its close). I loved that! I’ve been in her shoes and stepped out with God at my side and dared to dream that I could become a writer. Life can be scary sometimes. I think that’s how we grow, stretching ourselves. Don’t be afraid to fail—do everything in your power to make what you are doing a success—but if you fail, pick up and start fresh. It’s never too late to start.

Are you a full-time writer or do you hold a day job? What is the biggest challenge/obstacle you face in protecting your writing time? 

To read Debra Clopton's answer to this and more, come back tomorrow for Day 2 of her interview.

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