Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 2 with Sarah Sundin

Welcome to our second day of visiting with California author Sarah Sundin.

What does a typical day in the writing life of Sarah Sundin look like?
After I take the kids to school, I do my internet stuff—emails, social media, etc. Then I write until dinnertime, taking breaks to pick up the kids and walk the dog (she’s a yellow lab—if I don’t walk her enough, she eats random household objects). In the evenings when we’re all watching TV, I do other work on my laptop—like interviews.

Give us a peek at your office or favorite work space.
When our oldest son went away to college, we remodeled the den into his/hers offices and sent the double guest bed up to the boy’s room (which he likes when he’s home!). I now have a big L-shaped desk with a hutch. It has plenty of drawers and cupboards for all my notebooks and papers. One of my favorite features is a corkboard over the desk, where I keep my schedule, goals, and maps/photos for the story. My husband built open shelving in the closet for office supplies and a bookshelf just for my research books. It’s lovely!

Before you begin to write, do you have a firm grasp on your characters’ loves, hates, favorites, and quirks, or do you prefer to let them surprise you?
I’m definitely an outline writer, and characters are my favorite part of writing. I can’t really start until I know my characters very well. I fill out long character charts and free-write important life incidents. The first chapter or two is always strange as the character’s voice comes out—and I have to adjust my writing to his or her style. However, even with all my planning, my characters do surprise me. But then so does my husband, and I’ve known him for a quarter of a century!

How would your main character, Lt. Georgie Taylor, in On Distant Shores finish these statements:
            In my free time, I love to be with my friends and plan parties. 
            One word my friends and family would use to describe me is “perky.” 
            The one quality that gets me in trouble is my indecision. I’m the baby of my family and used to everyone making decisions for me. But when I don’t have anyone to ask for advice, sometimes I freeze.     
            If I suddenly inherited a lot of money I would buy a farm right next to my parents’ farm in Virginia, with lots of horses. And I’d find a way to help all the war orphans here in Italy. It breaks my heart.

What’s next? What can we look forward to reading from Sarah Sundin in the future?
The third book in the Wings of the Nightingale series, In Perfect Time, comes out in August 2014. I just turned it in to my publisher, and they’re working on the cover right now. I’ve seen some preliminary photos, and it looks wonderful. In this story, World War II flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson collects hearts wherever she flies, but C-47 pilot Lt. Roger Cooper is immune to her charms. Throughout Italy and southern France, as she evacuates the wounded and he delivers paratroopers and supplies, every beat of their hearts draws them where they don’t want to go.

Answer Sarah‘s question below for a chance to win a copy of On Distant Shores. Include your email address in the form of name[at]domain[dot]com and respond before 8:30 a.m. EDT this Friday morning to qualify for the drawing. This week, U.S. and Canada readers may qualify. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Anonymous said...

I want to go to Vincennes, France because I am from Vincennes, Indiana and a hopeless francophile! Or Ukraine because I work for a Russian/Ukrainian missionary and am learning Russian.


Deb said...

I would return to Denmark, the homeland of my grandfather. It is a beautiful country and looks a lot like Iowa. I have only been there once, about 25 years ago.

Sarah Rebekah Richmond said...

I would love to visit England! Thanks for the awesome giveaway Sarah
Sarah Richmond

Anonymous said...

During World War II - My mom and 3 of her brothers serving... 4 star flag hanging from Granny and Gramps front window of their home in Snowtown, Alabama. Just one of many amazing American families. A testimony of service to God and country during World War II. I would like to have witnessed that.

karenk said...

a great posting/interview...thanks for the chance to read sarah's latest novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Morgan Tarpley said...

Hi Sarah!! :)

I've been blessed to travel to many countries but I would love to go to Russia or Zambia to research for future novels! :)

Gabrielle E. said...

I'd love to go to England. There are so many great historical places to see such as Churchill's war rooms. mysterylover93[at]yahoo[dot]com.

Sarah Sundin said...

Purplebugster: France...c'est bon!

Deb - my husband went to Copenhagen on a business trip and loved it!

Sarah & Gabrielle - jolly old England - I'll never tire of it!

Anonymous - what an amazing family legacy! You must be very proud.

Morgan - sounds like you have some fascinating stories planned :)

Susan P said...

I want to go to the aisle of Lewis in Scotland. I want to visit friends there and see what the island is like.

Anonymous said...

I would like to travel to Scotland. where my mom was born.roseblackard(at) gmail(dot)com

garfsgirl said...

I'd love to visit England and Scotland! I love reading regency and Scottish romances and I want to see some castles!

VelmaD said...

We were heartbroken last year when we had to cancel our visit to New Zealand due to a medical issue. It's still on the agenda, hopefully for 2015.

A.E. L said...

I would LOVE to visit Hawaii or Alaska. Both places are so beautiful! The scenery is so beautiful and you can see God's beauty and truly be in awe of God's creation!

Martha Sturm said...

My dream is to go to Ireland. First, I need to find out exactly where my ancestors on my Dad's side were from Have been working on, and am making headway.

Elyssa said...

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I'd love to go to Europe. My grandma has told me stories of her grandma and how she spoke of her home in the Czech Republic, and I think it would be awesome to go there.

Thanks for the great giveaway!


Emily said...

Oh, if I could go anywhere...that's such a tough question. I'd love to go to Germany, France, England.....there are really too many places. If only I wasn't afraid of! lol! See, this is why I read Sarah's books!