Monday, August 12, 2013

It Could Happen to You!

Edward B. Myrick, my 2nd great grandfather, served in the Ohio 89th Infantry Volunteers.
My genealogy has inspired most of my writing. I've written numerous articles for magazines like Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy. I've tried to keep up with my own research and I love the Family Tree Maker software. But it was not until recently I discovered my Ohio roots. I know, right? I LIVE in Ohio!

But my father's family is from Indiana, and my mother's from Kentucky. That's the reason we moved to Ohio after my dad retired from the army--to be in the middle of them. I don't think my father ever knew about his great grandfather who lived in Clermont County, near Cincinnati.

My maternal grandmother's name was Myrick, but I had not traced that line. I traced her mother's line, which eventually took me back to Ireland. My father had always thought Myrick was Irish, but it's not. It's Welsh.

Recently I discovered it was my father's great grandfather Myrick who came to Indiana from Ohio after the Civil War. No big surprise that he served in the Civil War, but serendipitous for me because there were some Union pension files for me to look at. I discovered he trained at Camp Dennison near Cincinnati and was mustered out there.

The OH 89th Regiment flag from the Civil War
And, there is a small Civil War museum there now. I'm planning to go soon and walk in his steps. I never knew I had family living so close to where I am now. 

I've also learned that this man's father was a part of an abolitionist movement. Cincinnati was of course the path to freedom on the Underground Railroad for so many slaves. There is much more to learn here, I'm sure, and I'll get to it as soon as I can. (Mentioning that for my relatives who are sure to ask!)

My point? Our history, our personal history, is waiting to be explored. What about you? What unusual or surprising discovery have you made? (And if not you, I'll bet someone in your family has discovered something about your roots that you didn't know!)

Cindy Thomson is the author of a new novel featuring an Irish immigrant to Ellis Island, Grace’s Pictures. The follow-up novel, Annie’s Stories, will release in 2014. She is also the author of Celtic Wisdom and Brigid of Ireland. She enjoys exploring Irish history. She has written numerous articles on Irish genealogy. Visit her web site where you can sign up for her monthly newsletter. Or find her on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest!


Karen said...

Ever since he retired my husband has been researching his and my genealogy. We have visited cemeteries and taken pictures of grave sites. Recently his mother gave him a box of old photos. It was a gold mine! They were labeled and he was able to post them on

Cindy Thomson said...

That's wonderful, Karen. Sharing info online has really opened up the process. Glad he was able to do that.