Friday, October 11, 2013

This week's winner...

...of Diana Wallis Taylor's Ruth, Mother of Kings is windycindy! Congrats! I already have your address, Cindi, so I will pass it along.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Here's my question for the weekend: have you ever recommended Novel PASTimes to anyone????


Anonymous said...

I have had several pets, but picked names to fit the dog or cat. Need to see it, girl or boy, etc. I had a cat . Named her Hobo because picked her up off the side of highway, way from nowhere, so the name fit. last dog was a Chiwauwau. Named her Tinkerbelle, because she was tiny and wearing a bell.Got her from a pound. Her owner had to go to a Nursing Home. Had a Cocker Spaniel(misp) and named Skippy. Had a Mutt when was a kid named Sport. So not sure what I'd name another one. Looks like your pets are friends.Would like to be in this contest. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

Sandie said...

Our present dog is named Jack. I say Hi Jack so often that I have declared if I had another pet I would just name him Hijack. LOL I guess that wouldn't work well if Jack is still around.