Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Interview with Lynn Lovegreen

Lynn Lovegreen grew up in Alaska, and still lives there. She taught English for 20 years before retiring to make more time for writing. She enjoys reading, hanging out with friends and family, and hitting targets with her cowboy action shooting club. Her young adult historical romances are set in the Alaska Gold Rush, a great time for drama, romance, and independent characters.

This week, Lynn will be giving a copy of her novel Fools Gold to one of our visitors! Just answer this question in the comments to be entered in the drawing:

The last name of my main character in Fools Gold, Ellie Webster, is a tribute to one of my favorite authors. Which classic American author was raised in Webster County, Nebraska?

Welcome, Lynn, and congratulations on your upcoming release, Fools Gold! We’d love to hear a bit about the story and your main characters.

Alaska's gold rush is no place for a lady, but that doesn't scare Ellie Webster. Ellie travels with her younger brother to the wilds of the Klondike gold rush to save the family farm. She's prepared for hardship on the trail, but not for the sparkling blue eyes of Duke Masterson, a charming saloonkeeper. And Duke is surprised to find that Ellie and her apple pies are more valuable to him than all the gold nuggets in Skagway, Alaska. Now if he could only overcome Ellie’s fear of losing her newly-found independence and win her heart. Together they must defeat the conman corrupting the town and make their fortunes before the last steamship of the season heads South.

What’s the story behind Fools Gold? How did the idea germinate and grow?

I thought of it while I drove home from the Kachemak Bay Writers’ Conference in Homer, Alaska. Inspired from the conference, and knowing I wanted to write a Gold Rush story, I brainstormed the possibilities. Ellie and her journey came to me on the six-hour drive. Once I had Ellie’s character and a few real events to weave into the plot, it was easy to create Duke and the other main characters. I had a lot of fun daydreaming about their conversations and actions, which helped me develop them into more three-dimensional characters.

What do you love most about writing historical fiction?

I have always been inspired by the strong women and men in our past. Historical fiction combines my love of history and of the power of words. Research is fun for me, and I can entertain readers while giving a little information about remarkable things that have happened in Alaska.

Fools Gold is a young adult historical romance. What drew you to writing historical romance for that age group instead of adults? Do you write for adults as well?

I am attracted to young characters who are finding their own paths in the world. I wrote Fools Gold without thinking of a specific audience, but some of my critique partners kept saying, “This is young adult.” Then I decided to embrace it. I taught teens for many years, and I enjoy reading young adult literature too. I think that rubbed off on me. J I would argue that all my books are young adult, new adult, and have crossover interest for adults, because I think there are elements that appeal to all those groups of readers. But if I had to choose one category, I’d say it’s young adult.

I love that your website says you write “Sweet Alaskan Historicals.” What kind of differences can readers expect from your books compared to other Western romances during the same time periods?  

I think most Western romances deal with strong frontier characters, and that definitely applies to my romances as well. They also share many of the physical challenges of living in the late 1800s-early 1900s when the West didn’t have much in the way of city luxuries. But readers will also find some differences in the specific historical events and attitudes of the people in Alaska. It was easier for women to set up businesses in certain locations, and the geography of Alaska made its settlements a little different from that of the Old West, for example.  (And some of the Westerns I’ve read are much steamier than mine, which is why I added “sweet” to indicate my books are pretty G-rated.)

If you could be any character from a favorite historical novel for a few days, who would it be and why?

Come back tomorrow for Lynn's answer to this and other questions -- including what it's like to participate in Cowboy Action Shooting with the Alaska 49ers. 

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The last name of my main character in Fools Gold, Ellie Webster, is a tribute to one of my favorite authors. Which classic American author was raised in Webster County, Nebraska? 

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Lynn Lovegreen said...

Thanks for hosting me at NovelPASTimes. I enjoyed the interview!

Victoria Pitts-Caine said...

Great Interview - Can't wait for the book!

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Thanks, Victoria! I appreciate your stopping by.

Carlene Havel said...

"Fool's Gold" sounds like a great read. Nice cover, too.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Thanks, Carlene! Prism made a beautiful cover.

Mary L. Ball said...

Pretty picture! I look forward to reading the book.

Lynn Lovegreen said...

Thanks, Mary!