Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Meet Patty Smith Hall

Patty Smith Hall made up stories to keep herself occupied on boring Sunday drives through the Georgia countryside when she was too young to stay home by herself. Now she's happy to share her wild imagination and love of history with others, including her husband, Danny, two smart and gorgeous daughters, and a Yorkie she spoils like a baby. She resides in North Georgia.
Welcome, Patty. Tell us a little about your current releaseThe Doctor's Bride is the second in a four book series I wrote along with Pamela Griffin, Laurie Alice Eakes and Gina Welborn set around a train wreck that occurred in Hillsdale, Michigan during a blizzard in February, 1856.

What can you share with us about the journey from story idea to finished manuscript?
The book's journey started back in 2009. I was still a struggling unpublished writer when my friend Laurie Alice asked if I'd like to be part of an anthology group that was submitting historical novellas to Barbour. It was during one of our brainstorming sessions that I told them  about the train wreck in Hillsdale and that the town's people took in all the train passengers for weeks because there was no transportation in or out of the town (except for the train) during the winter. We wrote out a proposal and submitted it in Dec 2009 and waited. And waited. Then waited some more! During this time, I got 'The Call' from Love Inspired Historical  and wrote two books while the other ladies in our group were meeting deadlines and getting new contracts. Then in June of last year, Barbour went in a different direction with their novellas, and our group made the decision to pull our proposal and submit to Heartsong Presents, developing each novella into a complete novel. We submitted to Kathy Davis last August and had a contract for the series by October. Just goes to show you to never give up on an idea, especially if it's a good one!   

In what (if any) ways is your heroine Dr. Katie Clark like you? 
My husband says I put a little bit of myself in all my heroines! Katie and I both share a determination to do what others think isn't possible for a woman which can be attributed to their fathers. My dad has always told me that I could do anything I put my mind to doing and I see a lot of that in Katie's father as well. And there's also a love of medicine that I share with my heroine. One quality that I admire about Katie that I don't see myself as having is her genteel and refined manner. When I'm not a klutz at the table, I couldn't hold my own at tea with the Queen.

If you could transport Katie to 2013, where do you think she’d be living and how would she occupy her time? Katie would be a country doctor in a small town, making house calls and taking care of people no matter whether she got paid or not. She sees medicine as her mission field. And she probably would lead medical missions to places around the world.

How would your hero, Dr. Joshua McClain, finish these statements:
What frustrates me more than anything is to have my father decide my future for me.
When I was a child I wanted to grow up to be a doctor. But that decision had a lot to do with watching Katie nurse an assortment of injured animals when we were kids.
The main quality I’m looking for in a wife is  trust.
If I suddenly inherited a lot of money I would buy a large house and use the ground floor to set Katie and me up in our own practice. That's a new idea I've had since coming to Hillsdale.

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Tell me something unique about the town you live in that would make it the perfect backdrop for my next historical romance.

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Susan P said...

Being from MI, I love any novels about it! This is now added to my "want" pile. What an awesome idea for a story - I can't wait to read it. I don't know anything too great about my little country town except the fun tractor and truck pulls we have each year. Total redneck heaven with mud and fun galore.
lattebooks at hotmail dot com

Merry said...

I'm new in town but it is known for it's truck stop with great food like cinnamon fritter french toast and wild rice breakfast sausage. Thanks for the giveaway!
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com