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Day Two with Calrene Havel

Carlene Havel has lived in numerous US states, the Philippines, and Turkey. Like most writers, Carlene has always loved to read, and her taste is eclectic.  Her other hobbies include sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery.  She especially enjoys Bible study, normally devoting one day each week to delving into the scriptures with a small focus group. The Havels make their home in Texas, in the midst of a big, extended family.

Welcome back today, Carlene. What do you consider the best resources for historical research? 

Easy answer – my co-author!  I began Daughter of the King as a solo effort, but totally bogged down. Historicals require extensive research, and the author must constantly guard against allowing her modern consciousness to intrude on the written word’s authenticity. Realizing I was out of my depth, I asked my best friend for help. Sharon Faucheux is a history buff, loves doing research, and is a wonderful writer.  Having shared a two-person office for several years, we were confident in our ability to work together.  Sharon uses the Internet extensively, along with her own impressive library of reference books. 

What or who inspired you to write inspirational fiction? How does that keep you plodding ahead with your writing each day?

As a recent convert to Christianity, I am fascinated by the Bible.  There’s a reason why it’s the all-time best-selling book!  To borrow from St. Paul, I write about faith, hope and love—and the best of these is love. 

What helps you maintain productivity as a writer? How did working with your co-author, Sharon Faucheux, on the one story, affect this?

I was the nerdy kid who always did her homework and never had to be reminded to practice piano.  So for me, it seems only natural to go to my computer after breakfast and start writing. Sharon is more of a free spirit.  We have found we make our best progress by working independently for a while, and then sitting down together to combine our input and plan the next move.  She frustrates me by being slow and deliberate, and I drive her crazy with bad habits I prefer not to divulge.

Do you feel you are more of a character driven or plot driven writer? How do you think it comes across in your writing?

I believe characters rule, but there is no clear separation.  Although action and circumstances are necessary, they matter because of the remarkable reactions of interesting people.  In my opinion, the essential ingredient is good writing.  A well-told story will hold my interest, whether it describes a trip to the moon or around the block.

Would you like to share about what you are working on now?

Sharon Faucheux and I have collaborated on The Scarlet Cord, another book about a courageous woman of the Bible. Rahab, the harlot, and her family were the only survivors when the famous walls of Jericho came tumbling down. How did this common innkeeper end up married to the Prince of Judah, with descendants such as King David, King Solomon, and Jesus Christ? It is an astounding story, now awaiting publication.

Do you have any last words of wisdom to share with aspiring authors?

Never give up on your dreams.  When critical words wound you, go and read some of the horrible reviews people have written about Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, or the Bible.  Even the classics have their detractors.

Thank you, Carlene, for joining us at Novel PASTimes. It has been a privilege to interview you.

My pleasure!  Thank you for the opportunity to visit.

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