Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pam Hillman Continues to Talk Cowboy Fiction!

We're back with the second half of our interview with author Pam Hillman.

Describe your workspace. 

I try to switch it up a bit, and sometimes find this a challenge. Mornings, I grab a cup of coffee and sit in the recliner with my MacBook Pro, aka Mac’y, and we have coffee and write for a couple of hours. Then, I switch to my Dell laptop (I’m gradually moving to Mac’y full time) and answer email and check in on social media while walking on the treadmill desk. Then I move to my office and work sitting in an office chair for a few hours. All bets are off if I get out of my routine. Sigh.

Describe your dream workspace.

I actually set up my office in our breakfast nook, and I like it fine. It’s pretty messy right now, but it’s an office, it’s supposed to be messy, right? When I worked full-time away from home, I dreamed of a beautiful space surrounded by books, the perfect desk, and how much work I could get done in such a space.

But now that I’m working full time from home, I’m perfectly content with a fast computer that doesn’t lock up, a thermostat that I control (as long as My Cowboy is out of the house), and the flexibility to move around and work in different locations at all hours of the day or night. That trumps a dream workspace any day. I love being at home and not having to go anywhere to work. Home is my dream workspace.

What is the biggest misconception the general public has about authors?

That we write novels as fast as they can read them. Boggles my mind that it takes weeks, months, sometimes years to write a novel, and a reader devours it in a single sitting. Amazing!

What is the biggest misconception beginning writers have about being published?

I can’t speak for others, but before I started writing (many years ago), I thought writers created stories as the plot, character, and events unfolded in their imagination. That’s how real life happens, isn’t it? We don’t have a clue what’s going to happen in the next second, the next minute, let alone hours, weeks, or years.

Nope, doesn’t happen that way. A well-crafted story doesn’t just happen. The storyteller builds it, from the ground up. Otherwise, it will crumble like a sand castle in a hurricane, and they have to start over.

What would you like readers to gain from reading your book(s)?

One reader's review starts out "Hunky bad-boy hero. Beautiful, desperate heroine..." I love it! She was looking for a good read and got it. That makes me happy. Another reader took away a reminder to forgive and to pray for those who have hurt or offended us. Yes, she loved the story, but the spiritual aspect spoke to her as well. I like that, too. I hope readers take away something that correlates to what they brought to the table when they started reading, whether that's simply a sigh of satisfaction, or a deeper understanding of a moral or spiritual question they've been struggling with.

Thanks for joining us here on Favorite PASTimes. Any final words for readers or writers?

A big, hearty thank you to readers. Stay in touch, either on Facebook, or through my website by signing up for my newsletter. I hope to be able to provide many more books for years to come, and I would like us to go on the journey of discovery together.

Here is where you find Pam online:

            Answer Pam's question (below) in the comments along with your email (name at domain dot com) by this Friday, 8am EDT, and you'll be entered for a chance to win a copy (choice of print or ebook) of Claiming Mariah. **Note: print version for North American residents only, but international readers may enter for a chance to win the ebook version. There must be at least five comments for a winner to be drawn.

Question for drawing: Winter seems to be lingering longer than usual this year, and we’re all ready for spring to arrive! What’s your favorite part of spring? What’s the one thing that you always do every spring as soon as the weather permits? And do we have anybody who doesn’t really like spring that much?


KayM said...

Cindy and Pam--great interview! I'm not entering the contest as I have both the paperback and the Kindle eBook. I just want to say how much I love Claiming Mariah. It's such a good and enjoyable read! Pam, I'm looking forward to your Christmas novella.

karenk said...

my favourite part of spring is the newness...and freshness...of it...and the tulips, too ;)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Susan P said...

THanks for sharing with us again! I love how you describe writing a novel. I have always imagined it was simple, have the plot and characters all set, just write it. :) I love how wrong that is and your stories come to you along the way!
I have always loved the daffodils and tulips in spring. The first thing I like to do is always dig in the soil and clean up my flower beds.
lattebooks at hotmail dot com

Susan P said...

You asked about smelling fresh cut hay - oh my word is that the BEST smell EVER!! I grew up on a farm and absolutely LOVED haying time. I found a hand lotion once that was "fresh cut hay" smell - I kid you not. I never saw it again. I should have bought it out!

Linda Marie Finn said...

I go out and look for the daffadils and smell the air, fill my lungs with fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.
Linda Finn

Pam Hillman said...

First, I'm so sorry to be late responding. It's spring break, and after I got my writing done, I worked on business, then cooked a meal for my family. And, being hump day, we went to church. But now I'm here.

Kay, THANK YOU for the kind words about Claiming Mariah and Stealing Jake. :)

I'm enjoying writing The Evergreen Bride for Barbour. I'm a Mississippi gal and snow is as scarce as hen's teeth, so this is right down my evergreen-lovin' alley

Pam Hillman said...

KarenK, don't you just want to get outside and enjoy it? We have so many things pulling for our attention when God puts gorgeous spring right at our fingertips.

It's a bit nippy here this morning, so if it warms up, I think I'll get outside a bit and enjoy it.

Pam Hillman said...

Susan, boy, was I wrong. I'm serious. I thought that the exact words I wrote in the opening scenes of my first attempt were going to be the final product.

Not that I thought I was all that (really!), but I just thought that was the way it was done. You were either a novelist or you weren't.

Talk about clueless!

(I wish I could say I was ten at the time...)

Pam Hillman said...

Fresh cut hay hand lotion??? You're kidding???? Oh my! I must check that out!

Linda, as soon as the weather permits, I open all the windows and let the spring freshness inside.

Ahhh, springtime!

Lane Hill House said...

I love the first greenery peeking up! We have stems/leaves of our first ones up about five inches ~ even before the daffodils this year. First thing I do? Open the windows! My husband did have the doors open the other day but was a little drafty yet. Enter me for a print copy of Claiming Mariah, please. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House