Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interview with K.F. Jones Day 2

Welcome to day 2 of out interview with debut author, K.F. Jones.

A reader once asked me this question, and I thought it was a good one. Is there ever a time when you feel like your work is truly finished and complete?
I agree with the quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci: "Art is never finished, only abandoned." So, no. I still find myself thinking about small changes I wish I had made to the Due Unto manuscript.
Describe your workspace.
My workspace is a small bedroom. It was a nursery at one time. It is just the right size for my desk and credenza; about 10 x 10, with a floor to ceiling bookshelf across one wall for all my reference books and two windows (at my back) that provide enough light and a view of a secluded lawn. But, my desk faces a blank wall. Perfect for seeing the past.
Describe your dream workspace.
I would like a (spacious) study onboard a sailboat.
If you could be a character from your favorite historical novel, who would you be?
Sorry to disappoint you here. I have given the question some thought. Though I’ve “known” many interesting characters from many interesting historical novels—each with interesting characteristics—they are all too flawed to trade places with. I prefer my own flaws and my own time.
What is the biggest misconception the general public has about authors?
The biggest misconception about authors is that they are truly different from everyone else.
What is the biggest misconception beginning writers have about being published?
The publisher will take care of everything. The writer just has to show up and smile. I parted company (amicably) with my small press publisher. Though it delayed my debut, I am glad I did.
What would you like readers to gain from reading your book(s)?
Life is a lottery. We must all, now, and “then,” make the best of it.
Thanks for joining us here on Favorite PASTimes. Any final words for readers or writers?
“There are no rules.” --- Stephen King
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What was the most lethal disease of the 18th century?


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Smallpox and Malaria I believe. Thanks for this give-away. K.F.Jones is new to me. Maxie
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