Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where Does Author Mary Ellis Do Her Best Work?

Welcome back! Today we have the second part of our interview with author Mary Ellis.

Mary Ellis has written twelve bestselling novels set in the Amish community. Before "retiring" to write full-time, Mary taught middle school and worked as a sales rep for Hershey Chocolate. She has enjoyed a lifelong passion for American history and is an active member of the local historical society. She is currently working on several romances set during the Civil War. The Lady and the Officer is her current release.

Describe your workspace for us.

I work outdoors in my screened gazebo in good weather and in my office in bad weather.

Mary Ellis's home office

Mary Ellis's writing porch.
So inviting, Mary! All you need is a cuppa!

If you could be a character from your favorite historical novel, who would you be?

It would be Jo March from Little Women. She was so kind and courageous, besides being a devout Christian.

What is the biggest misconception the general public has about authors?

That we all make the same advances as Karen Kingsbury or J. K. Rowling. Money isn’t everything.

What is the biggest misconception beginning writers have about being published? 

That once your first book is published, life gets easier. Writing is hard work, just like any other job. I put in long hours, but there is nothing else I would rather do.

What would you like readers to gain from reading your book(s)?

I would like them to gain an understanding that there are no easy answers to life’s problems, not now and not for those who lived in bygone eras.

Thanks for joining us here on Favorite PASTimes. Any final words for readers or writers?
Please look for me at:!/pages/Mary-Ellis/126995058236

To be entered into the drawing to win a copy of The Lady and the Officer, leave your answer to the following question along with your email (name at domain name dot com) by this Friday at 8:30AM EDT.

Have you ever had to make a choice between family loyalty and political convictions?


Britney Adams said...

I loved seeing Mary's writing space! The screened gazebo sounds like the perfect place to write.

I have never had to make a choice between family loyalty and political convictions.

texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

Wendy Newcomb said...

No I haven't, there is mixture in our family but I feel everyone is entitled to their own views so even though we may voice and discuss our opinions we don't argue of get mad at one another.


Lolli said...

With strong political convictions in my family I listen to the thoughts that others have and take the time to read about them even if I don't agree with them. We don't fight but have spirited discussions and we stay loyal to each other.

Anonymous said...

Well the answer is that we don't get divided about still loving each but I do have one daughter who the only different one politically . She married into a strong political family and was only 16 , and after her dad and I split he changed sides also. so most times we just don't discuss politics when together. same difference with her and her daughter. i would love to win Mary's book. Maxie
> mac262(at)me(dot)com <

Bonnie Roof said...

Love screened porches - especially when they have a view such as Mary's has!! I love books set in the Civil War and would love to read her series - thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of her book!!

My family members seldom discuss politics when together and each is welcome to his/her own political beliefs.


Shared post.

Linda Ulleseit said...

As my father-in-law ages, he becomes much more entrenched in his ideas. I'm a teacher in California, so whenever election issues arise regarding funding public education, I have to mentally repeat the mantra, "He's old and doesn't know." That's the only way I can keep my mouth shut and keep the peace.