Wednesday, October 08, 2014

We're Back With Author Sherry Kyle!

Welcome back to the interview with author Sherry Kyle.

Sherry Kyle is an award-winning author, and writes books for tween girls as well as novels for women, including The Heart Stone (Abingdon Press 2013), and her newest title Watercolor Dreams (HopeSprings Books, October 2014), a historical romance set along the lush beaches of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Sherry lives in California with her husband and four children, loves to decorate her beach house, and enjoys taking walks by the ocean.

About Watercolor Dreams:

He strolled into her painting . . . and into her heart.

It's 1910 and Anna Lewis is praying that God will help her become a premier watercolor artist of the lush beaches of Carmel, California. When a man strides down the beach and stops to face the ocean, Anna sketches him into her painting. Was it a mistake? Anna thinks so when he tells her he doesn't have spare change to purchase her work. Spare change indeed! But while she seeks God's leading for her art career, she'd better keep her day job as nursemaid to two rambunctious boys.

The minute Charles Jordan walks away, he regrets criticizing the woman's painting but as he told the artist, he's just been jilted at the altar.

How will a secret from Charles' past affect his chances of loving again? And how will Anna have the hope she needs when tragedy strikes and she must rely on the one man who crushed her spirit?

What do you enjoy most about reading historical fiction?

I like to be transported to another time and place when I read historical fiction. I hope I can do that for my readers as well. Historical fiction can help a reader escape like nothing else. And a good historical romance can turn the clock and make us feel young and in love all over again.

Once we become writers, we read with a critical eye. For some grammatical errors in a book are like fingernails on a chalkboard. For others weak plots cause them to lay a book aside without finishing it. What, if anything, annoys you about some historical fiction? (Without naming names!)

If there is a weak plot, I definitely close the book and toss it on the shelf. Grammatical errors jump off the page, although that can be a weak area for me (just ask my critique partner). What annoys me the most is historical fiction with too much verbiage. I don’t have a lot of time to read, so I tend to gravitate toward books that have more action and less description. They have to keep moving to hold my interest.

Historical fiction requires a lot of research. How did you go about researching your work?

My husband and I have vacationed in Carmel many times over the years, including our honeymoon twenty-six years ago so the quaint beach town is very familiar to me. A couple of years ago I went to the Harrison Memorial Library and checked out history books of the town. The librarian showed me maps of Carmel in the early 1900’s, and my husband and I strolled the streets and stuck our feet in the white sand at Carmel Beach. During my research I discovered my anniversary date (minus seventy-eight years) was also an important date to Carmel. On July 9, 1910, the first Forest Theatre production was born. (Yes, I wove that fun fact into the book!) Besides visiting and researching in the library, I’ve also read many articles online about the time period.

What would you like readers to gain from reading your book(s)?

I’d like readers to fall in love with the characters from Watercolor Dreams, but more importantly I’d like readers to pursue their dreams and aspirations. God is the one who places those desires inside of us and He will use them the way He sees fit, even if it ends up being different than what we had planned.

Any advice for aspiring novelists?

Write every day. Keep learning. Buy a “how-to” book on the craft and read it all the way through. (Don’t forget to apply it to your writing.) Go to writer’s conferences and connect with people in the industry. Write the story you want to write despite what is “hot” right now. Join social media and start building a community. Pray often. ☺

Any final words?

I love to hear from readers! Please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail or connect with me on one of my social media sites.



Remember to leave a comment by this Friday 8AM EDT and include your email (name at domain name dot com) and the answer to the following question. (US and Canada entries only)

If you were a watercolor artist of landscapes, where and what would you paint? (Describe your painting.)


Bonnie Roof said...

Per my comment yesterday re: my desire to paint the ocean, Sherry - I can only imagine the sentimentality involved with your husband having a painting of the ocean - painted by a 3 year old neighbor!! How interesting and what an accomplishment for the 3 year old!!

Looking forward to reading "Watercolor Dreams"!!

Shared post!!

Bonnie Roof said...

P.S. I'm rereading your comments from yesterday, Sherry, and thinking you may have meant your husband was 3 years old - not his neighbor. I've seen some paintings done by 3 year old prodigie's -
however, I understand the significance of the painting for your husband.

Sherry Kyle said...

Hi Bonnie,

Oh, that's funny! Yes, my husband was three years old when the neighbor painted the ocean scene. I must've needed more coffee. Haha! Thanks for clearing that up. (I'm chuckling!)

Merry said...

I love watercolors! I would paint the rugged Oregon coast, maybe a sunset at Haystack Rock.
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Sherry Kyle said...

Hi Merry,

I enjoy watching sunsets too. There's something about the brilliant reds, oranges, and pinks that flash across the sky! God's the best painter. :)

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