Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Another day visiting with Ada Brownell

Welcome back for our second day with our author of the week, Ada Brownell! Ada has written fiction and nonfiction for many years, and for both young adults and adults. Her latest novel, The Lady Fugitive, released in November 2014.

Ada, what have you found to be the most rewarding thing about sharing your stories with either teens or adults?
The spiritual uplift they receive. My brand is “stick-to-your-soul-encouragement.” I pray all my books encourage people to live for God and know He wants them to have abundant life and joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Do you have a favorite historical novel?
Prairie Rose by Catherine Palmer. I’ve read and reviewed quite a few others that came close, but that’s my all-time favorite and I’ve read it over and over.

What do you enjoy most about reading or writing historical fiction?
I love that era when people expected to stay pure until marriage, most honored God with their lives, people were happy with simple things, and everyone could leave their doors unlocked because the majority lived and believed the Bible, including The Ten Commandments.

Historical fiction requires a lot of research. What’s the most interesting (or unusual, or funny) thing you’ve done in the name of research for a book?
For The Lady Fugitive, I had to research early Passion of the Christ motion pictures, how they were produced and the type of projector used. My grandfather traveled about the country showing a Passion of the Christ picture somewhere near 1900. My brother has the reel. My real curiosity about it developed when I decided to write this book.

One interesting facet was several people told me I couldn’t call what was on the reel “film,” so for the most part I avoid calling it a “film.”  But my research showed film was invented in 1888 or 1900, but the first or one of the first Life and Passion of the Christ motion pictures was released in 1902  by the Pathe Film Company in France.

What would you like readers to gain from reading your books?
Deeper and solid faith in God and the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

On your website, you describe your writing as “Stick-to-your-soul encouragement.” How did you arrive at that description, and how do you make sure your writing follows that guide?
I was a youth leader when I was in my teens and I taught youth and young adults most of my life. But I’m also a retired newspaper reporter and in my work I was exposed to and was touched by about every area of society. That changes who you are. For me that opened my eyes wide to the vast needs of a world that has no hope outside of God’s redemptive power. My books, Imagine the Future You and Swallowed by Life: Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal uses facts I learned on the medical beat that show we’re more than a body. People today don’t like to think about reality, but it hits each of us some time. When it does, if we reach out to the God who made humankind in the beginning, saw us in the womb, and planned for us to walk with Him, He will demonstrate His love and never leave or forsake. But we have to invite the Lord into our lives. He stands at our heart’s door and knocks. But He won’t come in and fellowship with us unless we invite Him (Revelation 3:20).

I pray that God will help me send the good news. I hope I am successful. I hear from some who have been touched as a result.

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