Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cindy Thomson - Talking About the Writer's Life

Cindy Thomson is the author of seven books, including her newest novel, Sofia’s Tune, the third book in her Ellis Island series. She also writes genealogy articles for Internet Genealogy and Your Genealogy Today magazines, and short stories for Clubhouse Magazine. Visit her at her web site, on Facebook and on Twitter

As a Christian author, what do you feel is the best way to weave God’s truth into your story?

The best way is not to try to do it. I don’t see a reason to force it in. Faith is a part of many people’s lives, and God is at work in the world. I tell a story from that view, which as a Christian is the only way I can. Certain truths come out. I start with a problem or a difficulty to overcome or a lie that the character believes and move the character forward to discover that truth.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? And why do you think this?

An introvert. I was born that way. Growing up in a family filled with strong personalities, I always hung back and observed and thought about things. I used to hate being called shy as a child, but now I know that that was just a misunderstanding of what an introvert is. I have no problem talking to groups of people when I have something to say, so I’m not shy. If I don’t have something to contribute, I keep quiet. Being an introvert also means that you’re okay with being alone. In fact, you need alone time to recharge your batteries. I like parties and events so long as I can balance it out with quiet periods. Only introverts, I expect, will understand what I mean. And this, by the way, makes me suited to the life of writer.

Which writing tasks do you procrastinate the most?

Sometimes it’s finishing a writing project. It’s work, and it’s hard, so it’s easier to blog or do some social media promotion. The funny thing is, when I do get back to my writing I really enjoy it, so why do I put it off? I don’t know. I do think many writers believe they are procrastinating when they are really re-filling their creative tanks. It’s a mental thing, and thinking and pondering is a part of the process. If you don’t do it, you’ll burn out and have nothing to say. I’m personally not one of those writers who pumps out 10,000 words a day. I wish I could be, but I know I’m not. I need time to bounce things around in my mind. If that’s procrastination, then I’m okay with it.

What keeps you motivated in your writing each day?

Having a deadline is my number one motivator. When a magazine editor tells me he’d like to see something by a certain date, I’m on it. I never miss a deadline. So when I don’t have one, like I did not with Sofia’s Tune, I make one for myself.

Please tell us about your favorite and least favorite parts of marketing your book?

I love hearing from readers, so anything I do that connects me with readers is my favorite marketing thing. I love doing Facebook book launches, for example, that are live with lots of readers asking questions. My least favorite part is trying to figure out how best to reach readers. Lots of trial and error and attempts at things that I find out later don’t work. It can be really frustrating when you drive for an hour or more for an event that no one shows up for (like bookstore book signings) or you try a giveaway that no one seems interested in. The upside is it’s a challenge and you can always try again. The downside is trying to get noticed in an ocean of books. I cherish every reader message and email. They keep me going!

What is your favorite book of the Bible? Would you care to share why?

Probably most people say this, but I think it’s Psalms. The verses are all about growing closer to God’s heart even while struggling with our humanity. The Psalms have been treasured by the church since ancient times, and I always try to learn from those who went before us.

How has the Lord led you to become a writer?

I was a teacher for many years. I think God called me to that and then out of it. I have always loved stories, and when my private Kindergarten teaching options were drying up, I looked to the other passion I had--writing. I started out freelancing articles before I moved to novels. I learned from writers and editors who were willing to pass on their knowledge. That’s why I always try to give back as well. I believe God puts interests and talents into us for us to use in many ways.

Thanks, Kathy. I’m pleased to have another historical novel out to share and I hope to hear from readers here on the blog and on my web site or Facebook page.

Thanks so much for sharing with us about the latest developments of your writing journey, Cindy.

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Anonymous said...

We have had to change of concept of what family looks like since my chidren have lost all their grandparents and they dont have any aunts or uncles since my husband is an only child and my sister died.
We have a few close friend whom they call aunt, uncle, cousin etc. and some people at church are like family to us.
marypopmom (at) yahoo (dot) com

Sarah Baughman said...

Family is an interesting thing for me right now. My husband and I have four children, three of which are ours by birth and the fourth is his second cousin, whose mother passed away when he was ten. It's been a difficult adjustment, as his mother's parenting style was nearly opposite of what ours is, and he resists the structure we have in our home, and which the other children thrive. But I've learned in a new way that family is something that you choose to love, even when it's difficult or when it doesn't always love you back. Family is something that God gives you, and He will be there with you to help your family grow in love and faith.

Cindy Thomson said...

Merry, I pretty much grew up without grandparents, the last dying when I was 16. It's wonderful you are doing that for your children! Very well said, Sarah!

Merry said...

We have a blended family and it takes love and grace to make it work. We are really blessed for the most part!
Merry Z
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

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