Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Author Lyn Cote Brings Historical Conflict to Life in her Quaker Brides Series

Author of over 40 books, award-winning author Lyn Cote writes contemporary and historical romance. Her homepage blog www.LynCote.com features "Strong Women, Brave Stories."
To contact her, visit her website/blog at http://www.LynCote.com and find her on Facebook, GoodReads and Twitter.

Welcome to Novel PASTimes, Lyn! We’re glad you’re here. Have you learned anything new that’s helped you currently with your writing journey that you could share with us? 
I’ve started using James Scott Bell’s new book, Writing from the Middle. It really helps me Focus in on the theme of the book.
Please tell us about your latest novel, Faith, from your Quaker Brides series.

Faith is the youngest daughter of Honor Cathwell. Faith’s family began working for abolition since 1819. In Honor and Blessing, the first two installments, the mother and oldest daughter of the family worked toward this goal. Now the Civil War has begun and Faith serves as a nurse for the Union Army. She is also searching for childhood friend who though freeborn was kidnapped back into slavery.
What spawned the idea for this story? What do you feel boosts your creativity? 

I always like to find a period of great change and conflict for my historical novels because then there are a lot of events that trigger responses. People must make choices. Reading a really good book or watching a really creative movie invigorates my own creativity.

Who is your favorite character? And why? Do you see yourself at all in
this character?

I really can’t choose. There is some of me in all my heroines.

As an inspirational author, how do you feel your faith and/or ethical values come through in your writing? 

I find that my heroines are almost always crusading for some cause. I think that my faith causes me to root for the underdog. I also like to challenge my readers to examine what they are doing now that is for the betterment of others.

Is there a genre different from the one you write in, which you particularly enjoy reading? And why?

 I love to read cozy mysteries. My favorite series right now is the Arbor Vale mystery series by Eunice Loecher. These are set in my home town area, in the north woods of Wisconsin.

Would you be willing to share with our readers what a typical productive writing day in your life is like?  

I wake early and start writing while my husband walks the treadmill and showers. After he makes me breakfast, I get dressed for the day and then I start writing again. I write everyday except one. And I try to write seven pages a day. That’s my goal and my limit.

Do you have any tips for aspiring or new authors in marketing or blogging? 

Take time to figure out what readers connect with in your stories. Read what people say after they read your books--not just that it was good. That’s how I discovered my brand which is Strong Women, Brave Stories. It includes a crusading heroine, a multicultural cast of characters, and authentic history.

Thank you, for visiting with us at Novel PASTimes this week. It’s been a privilege interviewing you.

Thank you. I’ve enjoyed it too.
Lyn Cote is giving away her e-book novella, Where Honor Began, a prequel to her Quaker Brides series. Please leave a comment by Sunday, April 10, to be entered in the drawing this week.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO leave your email address in the form of [name]at[domain].com to qualify. Thank you! 

About Where Honor Began:

How can unexpected visitors turn one’s world upside down? 

Honor Penworthy, a young Maryland lady, tries to keep faith with a friend amidst family turmoil.

But the stakes rise higher when the war that seemed so faraway comes dangerously close to her and those she loves.

What a difference three days can make in one life--leaving a legacy of conflict but with honor.


NagaRaj Raj said...
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Lyn Cote said...

So glad to be a guest author. Thanks!

Kathleen Rouser said...

So glad to have you on Novel PASTimes, Lyn! Thank you for taking
time to visit with us this week.

Kathleen Rouser said...

NagaRaj Raj, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

Wendy Newcomb said...

I really enjoy Lyn's books and I like books about the Quaker's. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of this prequel to Quaker Bride's series.

wfnren at aol dot com

Kim hansen said...

Nice interview I enjoyed it.

Kathleen Rouser said...

Wendy, thanks for stopping by. Nice to see you here. Hope you enjoyed the interview.

Kathleen Rouser said...

Kim, thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad to know you
enjoyed the interview with Lyn!

Kathleen Rouser said...

Wendy Newcomb, congratulations on winning
Lyn Cote's novella, Where Honor Began. I
will contact you shortly.

Enjoy the read!

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