Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Our Blog Birthday!

Eleven Years!

It's hard to believe but Novel PASTimes is 11 years old today! Back then we were known as Favorite PASTimes. Novelist and Editor Ann Tatlock was our first guest! Over the years we've changed the focus of the blog from author interviews to book reviews and articles on historical topics.

What's Up Next?

Honestly I don't know. I (Cindy Thomson) started the blog because of my love of reading and writing historical fiction. At times running his blog has been challenging. Volunteers have been generous with their time but frankly all novelists must give their own personal writing priority. So things have at times not gotten done. Not because we don't love the genre and appreciate our readers, but because we're human. Giveaways became difficult. Winners would fail to respond. Authors would fail to follow up...and it all took time. Time that many of the contributors to this blog were having trouble finding.

There were good times, though, and I like to think that we've introduced readers to some authors they might not have otherwise discovered.

We have some ideas for this blog. We'd like to try something creative by allowing the very characters from the stories speak here on Novel PASTimes. But we need new volunteers and probably a new blog platform, so if we do that, it may take a few months. Or, we might not do it at all. This blog might go away from lack of reader interest.

That would make me sad, but 11 years is a long life for a blog! I'm proud of all we've done here. I'm grateful to our many blog contributors. The current ones appear in the sidebar on the left hand side.

Kathy Rouser, one of our long time contributors to this blog, wrote this on our first blog birthday:

God’s Word, His story, records for us, from the account in
Genesis onward, real people whose passions and desires were like
our own. Though their dress and culture were vastly different
from ours, we can learn from their mistakes and their victories,
from the wise and foolish, alike.
This is the essence of great historical fiction. It gives us a chance to not only be entertained, but to identify with people not unlike ourselves, but for the passage of time, and learn from the effects of their choices or the character built from overcoming their obstacles. Perhaps some of today's historical fiction will become a unique legacy for generations to come, as our lives are still touched by the great literature of yesteryear. 

Don't Go Away Yet!

We do have some reviews and some articles coming up this summer, so be sure and stick around for those. After the summer? I'm still not sure.

Grab a historical novel or three and enjoy the summer! Comment below and let us know what you're reading!

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Caryl Kane said...

Congratulations on 11 years blogging!